Achieving your greatest desires

I love showing this picture. It reminds me that by focusing and applying other tools I can create whatever desires I have. At the time I had the desire to draw portraits  I already believed in the law of attraction and I believed that by aligning myself I can create many great things. I was 38 and I was pretty bad at art. My sisters were good and that made me want to be good too. So I believed that with focus and aligning myself ( I aligned myself by writing a list of things I appreciated and by listening to native American music) before and during my drawing time I would be able to draw portraits just like a photograph. My focus was so strong I would say I was obsessed with accomplishing this. Looking back the journey was pretty cool. Things were falling into place. This older man I knew (and I never knew he had taken art classes before) was showing me how to shade. Shading is what makes it look real. I picked it up real fast. People would see my art and give me great complement’s. I was always amazed after I completed a portrait. I got better and better. In the past I tried to draw but I allowed my doubt to get the best of me. I truly feel when you believe you can accomplish something and focus strongly on accomplishing  that, you will. There is strong momentum when going at it that way. Things keep getting better and better. What also helps immensely is meditating which keeps you aligned and keep feeling good. There is so much power when focusing on accomplishing what you desire instead of focusing on not having it. Focus on the solution not the problem. So whenever I want to achieve something I remind myself to follow the same steps I did here with my art portrait. The steps are…

1. Align myself by meditating, appreciating and focus on feeling good

2. Believe that I will accomplish it.

3. Focus on accomplishing it

4. Expect to accomplish it


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