• By Applying these tools I went from being terrible at drawing to being able to draw and paint portraits in fast time
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My main intention with this site is to help people who have big desires to make changes in their lives. I discuss successful tools to get from where you are to where you want to be. I discuss situations of mine and others of what we experienced, what we applied and what were the results.  I explain the importance of focusing on what you want not the fear of it or not having it. Right below you will see my free ebook How to overcome fear. I explain from what I learned what tools to apply and the resources to get out of fear. I feel its important to know how to not let fear get the best of you. Once I learned how to control fear it started to get easy to create and manifest my desires. If you sign up for my law of attraction newsletter below you will get monthly information that I found was the missing pieces the led to the results I strongly desired. I will discuss the tools that worked with my situations and the resources where I learned them from.


Relationship– Going from wishing your relationship was pleasing to shifting your relationship tp being amazing

Money – Going from feeling terrible about money and having lack to feeling good an amazing about money

Health– Going from not being healthy to shifting to reversing health issues

Finding love that works– Going from not having a relationship to shifting to having an amazing relationship