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My main intention with this site is to help people who have big desires to make changes in their lives. I discuss successful tools to get from where you are to where you want to be. I discuss situations of mine and others of what we experienced, what we applied and what were the result. I want to help shorten the time to when you see the results you want manifest. I feel If you see what other people did to get better results you can compare it to what you had applied that maybe didn't work and apply it in a different way that you may not been aware of. 2006 was the first time I heard about law of attraction. I was so intrigued with the idea that you can create what you want with your mind. I was so excited because right before I heard about the law of attraction I applied something similar to what some of the teachers were explaining what to do. From what I applied (right before I heard of the law of attraction) I had exciting results which led me to believe what they were saying is true. So I thought now this will be real easy to create some amazing results. I was wrong.  I wasn't manifesting things I wanted the opposite was happening. It seemed like I was going backwards. I had some success from what I was applying but not in any areas that I felt were necessary to me. I held in there for a long time about seven years of going from one teacher to another. Then I started reading and watching videos of Abraham Hicks teachings. There is where I found the missing teachings and many powerful tools to manifest desires. I never heard about this in all the other teachings I came across before. It was a new way of thinking and feeling. In the past I learned to just think positive and you will create what you want. In the areas of my life that were difficult no matter what and how many positive thoughts and affirmations I did, I didn't get much or any results I wanted doing it that way. What I learned from Abraham Hicks teachings is to think good feeling thoughts. They explain that the universe hears what you mean not what you think. If you feel broke as you keep repeating  I am rich... I am rich... I am rich, that way of doing it will not better your financial situation. Its more likely to worsen your financial situation because your attention is on not having enough because that's how you feel. When I trained myself to think this way and focusing on feeling good the results were much better. Then it gets better and better. One of the results I manifested with Abrahams teaching was being able to draw and paint portraits. For some reason I always wanted to draw good. My sisters both are good at doing art but I was always terrible. So four years ago (I was 38) I wanted to apply some of the new things I learned towards drawing. I was so determined to draw portraits to look like a real photograph. My focus was so strong I was obsessed to succeed. What I noticed was when your focus is laser focus what your doing seems to be magical. It took me one year (drawing portraits after work at nights) from when I first wanted to draw portraits to having it look like a real photograph. Then after that it was easy to learn how to do portraits in color pencil and some different paints. That's what the pictures down below are, a few of my art pieces. The first picture (that looks like a cartoon) was when I first had this desire to draw and just about a year later I did the Albert Einstein drawing portrait. So what I applied on being able to draw portraits was intense focus, feeling good when drawing portraits and believing I can do it. Then once I kept seeing great results then I expected I can do it. Expecting is powerful. Once I got to the place of expecting it, I always had my portraits looking like the way I intend them to be. If you like to hear other things I have applied the results I achieved please sign up for my free ebook How To Overcome Fear. Feel free to read blogs on the blog page. If you like you can sign up for my monthly newsletter. You can go to my product page to see or purchase my ebooks. If you have any questions please contact me through comments.

My results when I focused, believed then expected