Vibration was the missing piece for me when learning about manifestion and the law of attraction

When I first learned about law of attraction I was so intrigued. I thought I was about to manifest anything I wanted. I saw the movie the secret and thought oh wow this is it. I had just reached some big goals right before I saw the secret and learned about law of attraction. It seemed to me that what I did and what they were explaining were the same thing. so I felt now with this knowledge Im going to create great things. So I started telling myself affirmations that I’m going to be rich and I will have a million dollar home but I wasn’t getting closer to that goal at all. Actually I was going further away. I was creating the opposite. Financial issues, relationship issues and business issues. I was still extremely determined but I was digging myself whole. Some things started to work for me from the spiritual books I was reading. My relationship with my father was improving but some of the real necessary things I so desperately wanted to change wasn’t improving at all. I hung on for a real long time. I went from teacher to teacher and a few years passed by and still I didn’t have the changes I wanted. Don’t get me wrong some great things were manifested except for the ones I really wanted to manifest. I couldn’t understand why not and then I started reading and listening to Abraham Hicks. let me say I never went back to or looked for another spiritual or law of attraction teacher again. I quickly learned how you feel is extremely important and its not that just by changing a thought or saying an affirmation will make you manifest what you want you must think positive thoughts on what you want to create that feels good to you. I realized that was my problem all along. By saying over and over again that I will save $100,000 this year wasn’t doing anything because I felt doubt when I said it. I did’t believe it and I didn’t feel good especially when time went by and I didn’t create it. So I learned to start small and let my feelings be my guidance. What I learned was how you feel and believe about a certain area in you life will match what. s in your reality. To me it made perfect sense. How I felt about money was exactly what was in my reality, same for my health, business and marriage. That is your vibration and that is what law of attraction is matching back to you. Once I realized this It was easier for me to start manifesting what I want. Why I wasn’t manifesting my bigger desires is because I had greater resistance towards them. the ones with great resistance took time to say things about them that felt good. I also learned and applied the things that didn’t feel good to think about you can also just not think about them and focus on what makes you feel good. That worked also then in time when my beliefs were stronger I was able to think and talk about the things that I once had greater resistance towards and now I felt good to think about them. You can download my free ebook How to overcome fear at I hope you align yourself and start creating what you want.